Work experiences

1. 2022, FUELCO Dubai (complete fuel storage solution company):

In 2022, I collaborated with FUELCO in the hydrogen fuel cell design project related to the Dubai Energy Field, which was a research project by this company and led to the design of a suitable hydrogen fuel cell.

2. 2021-2022, Power and Energy inc-USA:

project to design and development of P+E’s hydrogen separators; These are used to create ultra-pure hydrogen gas for fuel cell applications. Power+Energy Hydrogen Separators use Micro-Channel Palladium Alloy Membranes to extract hydrogen from the feed stream. For mixed gas streams containing sulfur compounds, a sulfur-tolerant palladium alloy is used.

3. 2022-2023, Masdar Clean Energy, Dubai:

: I participate in a research base project to design and develop a suitable Microbial Fuel Cell for Masdar Co in Dubai to produce energy from urban wastewater.

4. 2021-2023, IMIDRO:

I have worked with Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization, known as IMIDRO which has 8 major companies and 55 operational subsidiaries active in steel, aluminum, copper, cement and mineral exploitation fields. There I manage research and implementation for business plan invented for produce energy required for mine field from Solar and fuel cells and expanded that for Kerman, Tabriz & Yazd copper mine.

5. 2021-2023, Dasht Naz Agricultural Company:

I have worked with Dasht Naz agricultural company which is working with food retailers, food products, farming, agricultural services and etc, on my invented business plan in design and implementation of Organic Summer Hydroponic Greenhouse in Sari, Iran with my great team in there.

6. 2020-2023, Ara Niroo:

I have worked with Ara Niroo company which is working about solar power plant, wind turbine and other renewable energy semiconductor manufacturing. I worked with a great team and conducted my research in project on using Microbial Fuel cell to produce clean energy.

7. 2020-2023, Arapol:

I have worked with Arapol Iran branch which is dealing with Clean energy system designs, panels and inverters. I conducted my research and implementation in project on using Microbial Fuel cell to produce clean energy and also stacking electrically insulating (dielectric) nanomaterials on top of highly conductive nanomaterials to reduce energy loss to the surroundings.

8. 2020-2023, Sunan:

I have worked with Sunan energy company which is professional in solar mine off grid, solar pump for big farm ex design and installer solar energy AC1 and 3 phase submersible and pumps. I managed my research and implementation in project on using Microbial Fuel cell to produce clean energy.

9. 2020-2023, Mana Energy Pak:

I have worked with Mana Energy Pak company which is the first Iranian solar cell producer. That company had a multi-crystalline wafer plant that was able to produce 1200 MW in a year.

10. 2020-2023, MANASAZAN:

I have worked with MANASAZAN clean energy company dealing with energy services and management like energy audit, energy saving solutions and renewable energy sources.

11. 2020-2023, Kavosh Pazhouh Yazd:

I have worked with Kavosh Pazhouh Yazd Engineering Company as a senior consultant in projects related to design, procurement and construction of solar energy panel and systems, as well as design and optimization of microbial fuel cells for production of energy required in special regions of related projects in Yazd, Isfahan, Shiraz and Kerman provinces.