Internationally recognized prizes or awards for excellence

1. 2021, Best Paper Award

Awarding organization: ISWC (International Semantic Web Conference)

Who is Eligible to compete: Researchers presenting fundamental research, innovative technology and applications concerning semantic, data and the web.

Review Criteria:

- Originality and novelty

- Relevance and impact of the research contribution

- Technical soundness

- Rigor and reproducibility of the work

- Clarity and quality of presentation

Who are the judges: university of London, UK and university of Oslo, Norway

2. 2021, Best Researcher Award

Awarding organization: VDGOOD Technology Factory

Who is eligible to compete: Students and researchers who are working on energy, environment and medicine.

Who are the judges: VDGOOD Professional Association

3. 2020, Young Scientist Award

Awarding organization: 11th International Scientist Awards on Engineering, Science and Medicine, 17 & 18-Oct- 2020, Berlin, Germany.

Who is eligible to compete: The students who graduated the two years program of basic sciences in Energy and Environment.

Who are the judges: VDGOOD Professional Association

4. 2017, National innovation plan reward in commercialization of microbial fuel cell energy production optimizer system

Awarding organization: Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Iran – International Kharazmi Festival

Number of competitors: Award is granted for only the researchers who have innovations in fielded of science and Energy and Environment, there were more the 1500 applicants who participated in the competition

Who are the judges: Ministry of Science, Research and Technology-Iran`s Scientific and Industrial Research Organization

5. 2014, Gold Patent Award

Awarding organization: Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Govt. of India

Selection criteria:

1. Fulfil all subjects in the field of basic sciences based on the related curriculum

2. Applied for international comprehensive researches about Energy and Environment and recognition of commendable contribution in Energy category

Who are the judges: Department of Pharmaceuticals and Department of Commerce Government of India